RGW Express with its Customs department, having a status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), own bonded warehouse close to Warsaw airport provides you with the highest level of Customs brokers services.

RGW Express offers:

  • Professional Customs services and advice
  • Customs bond up to 1 mln PLN
  • Optional free of charge storage in RGW Express bonded warehouse during the Customs process
  • Simplified and on line electronic Customs declarations
  • Heavy equipment for loading/unloading
  • Customs service together with storage and warehousing independent from operation hours of the Customs office

Customs brokerage agencies operate on the basis of an amendment to the Polish Customs Code from 1991. The agencies are private entities operating in the trade and services market. They act as an agent between companies and the Customs Office. For customs authorities the AEO-C status serves as a confirmation of the agency's credibility. The RGW customs brokerage agency files customs declarations on the basis of an authorisation that can be downloaded from our website.

Feel free to contact RGW Express to learn more about the services you need.