RGW Express is an expert in the field of Time Critical shipments and express handling. Company works fast and efficiently to provide the best and the fastest service possible to its clients. It is all possible thanks to the highly qualified and motivated staff, years of experience and unique solutions covered by Time Critical Procedures. This service is dedicated to clients and partners keen on time, quality and meeting individual needs.
Does not matter the type of the shipment (urgent spare parts, medicines or diagnostic specimens) Time Critical services are available around the clock – 24 hours a day/7 days a week and cover the following areas:

  • Dedicated vehicles for road transportation
  • Chartered aircrafts
  • Express handling of regular air cargo shipments
  • On Board Couriers (OBC/hand carry)
  • Express Customs clearance.

With over 20-years’ worth of experience, a profound understanding of transport and customs regulations and procedures, as well as a still growing network of contacts and credible partners from all over the world, inside and outside the forwarding market, here at RGW Express Polska we have the reliability and effectiveness to deal with even the most difficult of transport tasks. What is more, we take a highly professional attitude towards all the tasks we undertake. The determined RGW Express team will also make every effort to ensure the timely delivery of all cargo sent in the Time Critical mode.